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Green Kiwi Fruit


Kiwi fruit has attained full size in August; however, it is not mature enough for kiwi harvesting until late October to early November when the seeds have turned black and the sugar content has risen. Vine ripened kiwi has the best flavour but does not store well when ripe. Commercial kiwi harvesting occurs all at once, but the home gardener may very well be harvesting kiwi sporadically beginning in late September. Softness of the kiwi fruit is not always the best indicator of readiness. Unlike some other fruits, kiwi ripens after it has been removed from the vine. When harvesting kiwi, handle with care, as they bruise easily, and damaged fruit has a limited storage life. To harvest kiwi, snap the stem at the base of the fruit. Again, softness is not a great determiner for readiness. Size, date and when in doubt, cut open a fruit to access the seeds inside — when seeds are black, it is time for kiwi fruit harvest.